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Gary Davis
Gary Davis
Advertising today is complicated, confusing and difficult! At least it is if you’re trying to make money with it. And it’s not going to get any easier. TV, radio, the web and print are just going to get more fragmented into more and more tiny parts, each aiming at a smaller piece of the population.

When I first started Gary Davis Media in 1988 I put a bankruptcy lawyer on TV in a medium-sized market. She had a tiny ad budget and nothing that made her stand out from any other lawyer. We made a spot and ran it two or three times a day on one small independent station. The first time her spot ran, she said all her phones “went off”. Every line she had lit up at once. And it seemed to never let up.

That sort of TV response for a law office was not unusual in 1988 but it’s a lot harder to get today, with a hundred times more channels and a hundred times as many attorneys advertising.

Today, whatever you’re advertising, you need to have an offer that stands out from the crowd. You probably need to advertise in more than one medium. You need a good website. And you need to try things and test, test, test before you commit your whole budget.

And if you get all that right, you’ve still got a shot at making a bunch of money with TV. But if anyone tells you that TV — or any other advertising — is a piece of cake and they know for sure that you’re going to be successful — throw them right out of your office!

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I am available for consultations at startlingly reasonable rates. And I also respond informally to emailed questions people have about putting their businesses or professional practices on local television. My main speciality areas have been TV advertising for lawyers and TV advertising for denture clinics, so it is likely that I could be especially helpful if that is what you do. Send your email to question@garydavismedia.com.

Gary Davis Media Consultations

When you take the DIY approach to putting your business on TV, you still have to take a lot of advice from others. That is, unless you are a TV production expert who owns a TV station — then, you can truly “do it yourself”. Otherwise, even if you are using an ad agency, you are still dependent on the expertise and honesty of others who A. may not know what they are doing and B. may benefit from you spending more money than you actually need to.

TV salespeople have at least one meeting a week during which they spend an hour or so figuring out ways to get you to spend more money. So if — before you make decisions — you can consult with a TV writer/producer/agent with 30 years experience who is also a former TV salesperson, you may save yourself, easily, thousands of dollars.

I am available for consultations in the following areas:

1. Script writing: Help you create a good TV offer and craft it into a ready-to-shoot TV commercial.
2. Shooting: Be with you online while you are shooting and provide feedback on the work as it progresses.
3. Editing: Be with you online during an edit session and provide feedback on the construction of your TV spot.
4. Booking airtime: Help you select the appropriate TV programming for your prospects and provide feedback and direction as you are negotiate rates and schedules with TV salespeople.
5. All of the above: Work with you and, as necessary, people you are working with on your end, throughout the process.

In-house agency: If you have three or more locations or divisions of your business, it may make sense for you to set up an in-house ad agency to handle your TV production and placement.

If you are in the advertising business and trying to get an ad agency started, we can put to good use my almost thirty years experience as a “one-man-shop” ad agency.

So, if this is something that interests you, contact me by email. If it looks do-able, we can talk on the phone and go from there. My rate will be very reasonable. Normally, the way I work is to collect a partial fee up front, then you pay as we go along. That, like the rate itself, depends on the situation. In cases where very much money would be involved, you are going to want to check my references and I can certainly supply some.