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Gary Davis
Advertising today is complicated, confusing and difficult! At least it is if you’re trying to make money with it. And it’s not going to get any easier. TV, radio, the web and print are just going to get more fragmented into more and more tiny parts, each aiming at a smaller piece of the population.

When I first started Gary Davis Media in 1988 I put a bankruptcy lawyer on TV in a medium-sized market. She had a tiny ad budget and nothing that made her stand out from any other lawyer. We made a spot and ran it two or three times a day on one small independent station. The first time her spot ran, she said all her phones “went off”. Every line she had lit up at once. And it seemed to never let up.

That sort of TV response for a law office was not unusual in 1988 but it’s a lot harder to get today, with a hundred times more channels and a hundred times as many attorneys advertising.

Today, whatever you’re advertising, you need to have an offer that stands out from the crowd. You probably need to advertise in more than one medium. You need a good website. And you need to try things and test, test, test before you commit your whole budget.

And if you get all that right, you’ve got a shot at making a bunch of money with TV. But if anyone tells you that TV — or any other advertising — is a piece of cake and they know for sure that you’re going to be successful — throw them right out of your office!

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Have questions about putting your business or professional practice on local television? If so, contact me. Since 1988, my main areas of work have been TV advertising for lawyers and TV advertising for denture clinics, so it is likely that I could be helpful if that is what you do.

At this time, I am not actively looking for new clients. On the other hand, if a Social Security disability or product liability attorney from a medium to large-sized firm contacted me, I would certainly listen to what he or she had to say, as I have produced much success for clients in these practices over the years. And I am also open to talking about fee-for-service consultation work. If this interests you, contact me at question@televisionadvertising.com .